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You Don't Have To Face Your Legal Hurdles Alone

Why Create An Estate Plan?

Whether you’ve just started a family or you’re already into your retirement, there is no time like the present to start estate planning. For one thing, having an estate plan means your family will be prepared should the unthinkable happen. Planning ahead can also save your family the headache and expense of settling your affairs through probate.

I can help you create an estate plan that works to leave the legacy you want to establish. This could mean starting from scratch or modifying your existing estate documents to account for new circumstances, like the birth of a child or an unexpected windfall. I have helped multiple generations of families from Shelby Township and Macomb County, Michigan, protect their assets and achieve peace of mind about the future through smart estate planning.

By planning ahead, you can save your family (and yourself) from worry and unnecessary legal costs. I also typically only need a week to complete your estate plan, and offer competitive fees for my estate planning services.

The Truth About Probate

Many people use estate planning as a way to avoid probate. The probate process by itself isn’t the issue, however — some may even consider it a necessary evil. The problem comes when people fail to put their wishes into the legalese the court requires. Or, they wait too long to create an estate plan.

This in turn leads to confusion about transfers of property, unnecessary delays in settling the estate and the potential for angry family feuds. It could also expose your family’s assets to opportunistic predators.

Protecting Your Family From Headache And Heartache

The best way to protect your family from these risks is to plan ahead. I will help you:

  • Create a valid will and keep it up to date
  • Put assets in one or several types of trusts, if appropriate
  • Establish a health care power of attorney that details your wishes about any life-saving measures and other health decisions if you become incapacitated
  • Create a financial power of attorney so your bank accounts, retirement and other financial affairs aren’t mismanaged if you cannot manage them yourself
  • Establish a Conservatorship or Guardianship for a child or elderly loved one

I can also help you with any of these documents for aging family members. Many people call my office seeking assistance on behalf of a parent or elderly relative. In a free consultation, I’ll ask questions about your family, your concerns and ultimately what you hope to accomplish so that we can make a strategic plan about what to do next.

Put Your Mind At Ease With Help From An Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

Regardless of the size of your estate, I can help. Many of my clients have modest estates and simply want to do right by their families. Call my office at 586-884-7083 or get in touch by email to schedule a free initial consultation.